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2510KP Series Hazardous Area Monitor




Hazardous monitor with color display, FM Approved, Class I, II & III, Division 1 & 2, Group A-G, Y-Purged, housed in a NEMA 4X stainless steel enclosure with hinged front door, polycarbonate viewing window and integrated industrial 28-key keypad. Optional KVM extender allows you to setup your PC in a safe area and run a category 5 cable to the hazardous monitor on your plant floor. A variety of other options are also available so you can customize this hazardous workstation to fit all your hazardous needs.

  • FM Approved Y-Purge Technology Provides Hazardous Area Safety for Class I, II & III, Division 1 & 2, Group A-G
  • Alarm Board and Pressure Relief Valve Included
  • Displays Feature On Screen Display (OSD) for Contrast, Color Balance and Other Adjustments
  • Flat Panel Technology Reduces Power Consumption, Heat Generation and Space Requirements
  • Active Matrix (TFT) Flat Panel Display in 15.0" and 19.0"
  • NEMA 4X Stainless Steel Enclosure
  • Viewing Cone up to 170, Resolutions to 1280x1024, up to 350 Nits Standard Brightness and Color Depth to 24-Bit
  • Internal DC Fan Provides Uniform Internal Temperature and Reduces Heat Build-up
  • Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Viewing Window
  • 2513KP: Division 1, Y-Purge Flat Panel Monitor, 15.0"
  • 2516KP: Division 1, Y-Purge Flat Panel Monitor, 19.0"
2513KP Drawing DXF Format PDF Format
2516KP Drawing DXF Format PDF Format


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