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Class II, Division 2

Daisy Data Displays, Inc. (D3) specializes in ruggedized computers and a variety of accessories to accompany them, such as industrial monitors, purge controls and more. Our customers, who stem from a variety of industries including military, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, process control and flight simulation, often need equipment that will meet the requirements of different hazardous area standards. D3 offers products that adhere to different environmental classification, one of which is Class II, Division 2 standards.


A hazardous area designated as Class II is one which dangerous concentrations of suspended dust would not be likely, but where dust accumulations might form on or in the vicinity of electric equipment. These areas my contain equipment from which appreciable quantities of dust would escape under abnormal operating conditions or be adjacent to a Class II, Division 1 location, into which an explosive or ignitable concentration of dust may be put into suspension under abnormal operating conditions. Class II hazardous atmospheres are further defined by groups E-G.


CLASS I (gases and vapors)
Group A (acetylene)
Group B (hydrogen)
Group C (ethylene)
Group D (propane)
CLASS II (dusts)
Group E (metal dust)
Group F (coal dust)
Group G (grain dust)
CLASS III (fibers)
No Subgroups


A Division 2 rating refers to a location in which ignitable concentrations of the combustible material(s) are present in the air only under abnormal operating conditions, such as a case during accidental rupture or breakage, or during unusual or faulty operations. A Class II, Division 2 rating occurs during seldom operation failures of the plant, or dust hinders reliable heat discharge.


USA: NEC 500
Division 1
Explosive material Class Group
Gas/vapor or liquid I A, B, C, D
Dust II E, F, G
Fibers III
Division 2
Explosive material Class Group
Gas/vapor or liquid I A, B, C, D
Dust II F, G
Fibers III


Class II, Division 2 areas can be protected by using approved equipment offered by Daisy Data Displays, Inc. Division 2 environments do not need to take as extreme precautions as Division 1 environments. Equipment should be nonincendive, non-sparking, and/or Z-purged. Nonincendive equipment has electrical circuitry that is incapable, under normal operating conditions, of causing ignition of a specified flammable gas-air, vapor-air, or dust-air mixture due to arcing or thermal means.


From PCs and monitors to keyboards and other accessories, D3 offers a wide array of products to ensure safety even in the most hazardous areas.





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