At Daisy Data Displays, our industrial computer products are designed for situations when a hazard is present in the everyday normal production operation or during frequent repair and/or maintenance activity. These Division 1 hazardous computer enclosure safely confine your industrial computers and industrial displays in a closed system.

Our Division 1 hazardous computers are ideal for a variety of rugged and hazardous industries. Whether you work in the food processing industry or the pharmaceutical industry, our Division 1 monitors will help you get the job done! Let our Division 1 hazardous monitors help you with your industrial computing at any location.

This includes a location in which ignitable concentrations of a combustible material(s) are present in the air under normal operating conditions.

Don’t settle for an unreliable hazardous computer. Our class 1 div 1 hazardous computers are reliable and affordable. View our full line of FM Approved Division 1 products or request a FREE custom quote today!